Paula Abdul Shows Support For Barack Obama

Its incredible! I have chills. I was texting all: Peace has begun. Seriously, though, who cares what Paula Abdul policy? or if she cries? In fact, I am watching her cry. Call me mean. I was crying! she tells PEOPLE. I was so excited. You feel such a sense of pride that you cannot even articulate how you feel. Fortunately Obama was declared winner because Paula Abdul out in support for him would have lost more than a few votes. Paula if I see a plum from a Ralphs store, do not buy plums. With the election of Barack Obama, Paula Idol of American Idol will remain only that an American. And then I was texting all, I dont move to Vancouver now!. For one year.

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Cuban Coast Clears Away Damage Left By Hurricane

Crashing waves and a powerful wave of sea Hurricane Paloma destroyed hundreds of houses along Cuba southern coast, but the storm quickly weakened into a tropical depression as it moved past the island. N. Storm-related deaths were reported. Early damage reports were limited, but state media has said that the late-season storm toppled a communications tower, interrupted the electricity and telephone service, and sent the sea water nearly a mile land devastate a near coastal communities where did it cost.

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Kylie Minogue I Want To Do Comedy

Registration and a performer, who fortunately gone really well, but now I m starting to think again about to act, He says.. The singer, 40, who found fame on the neighbors in the 1980s, you think d be good at it. Kylie Minogue would like to try his hand at becoming a comic actress.

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Useless Cook Beyonce Knowles

The me the best room service ordering, however! Beyonce - who is married to hip hop star Jay-Z - also accepts his healthy appetite semper means that a curvy figure. Rather than try and thinner all the time, the singer and actress is happy with her voluptuous body. She said: You d think as much as I love to eat that d be able to cook, but not. Beyonce Knowle can t cook. Even if you are a big fan of food, If I were a boy star has never managed to master his kitchen.

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Tv Review Stargate Atlantis 5 14 The Prodigal

Meanwhile, Ronon (Jason Momoa) and Woolsey (Robert Picardo) also try to take the Michael and his band Wraith / human hybrids.. While the schemes to destroy Atlanti and take Teyla (Rachel Luttrell) and his child with him, Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and Rodney (David Hewlett) attempt to take back the tower. Michael) operates a surprise attack Atlanti, the infiltration of the control tower and taking hostage the city.

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